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Attention Shareware Authors:

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GCR Terms and Conditions
At GCR, we are constantly looking for quality products to test and review for our readers.

  1. In order to provide the best review GCR does not review product demos or time limited (30/60 day) short licenced products. We require a one year fully licenced product
  2. When possible we prefer products or software be provided on CD/DVD, or a box version. We can download the software if required.
  3. GCR encourages reader feedback on all reviews and products we test which we pass on to the appropriate product developer.
  4. In keeping with our policy of unbiased review and reporting, GCR does not actively promote, advertise or act as an agent for the products we review.
  5. Reviews will not have screen or product shots if the manufacture's web site has the screen or product shots on their web site. Our readers are encouraged to visit the developer's web site for current product updates and prices through the link on each review page.
Don Hughes, Publisher
David Bell, Editor

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