Product Reviewed:
Brother MFC-J615W inkjet Multi-Function Center
Product Description:
6-in-1 colour inkjet printer, scanner, copier, fax, PC-Fax and PhotoCapture CenterĀ®

OS - Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX ; Browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome; Active Internet Connection

Retail Price:
$129.00 CAD
Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
27 April 2011
Positive Features:

  1. USB, Network or wireless, access
  2. Can be used as an Ad-Hoc mode device for wireless printing.
  3. Built in Scanner and fax
  4. Large LCD front panel display
  5. Paper port light and OCR scanner software provided on cd.
  6. Prints on standard or photographic paper.
  7. Low cost replacement ink cartridges.
  8. Ink cartridges are behind a pull down the door at the right front thus making access very easy.
  9. LCD and on screen low ink warnings even to a wireless device such as laptop.
Negative Features:

  1. If one cartridge is low or runs out you cannot even print a black text page.
  2. Paper tray must be removed and set to print photo paper.
  3. Printer comes with demo cartridges.
  4. Setting network or wireless can be tricky for a novice user.

The Brother MFC - J615W, network, wireless printer is a good tool for your office, home office or just general home use. After installing a couple of Brother wireless printers for customers, I decided to purchase one for our home office environment. I wanted a printer that we could hook up to our network hub but also run wirelessly when I was using a laptop in another area of our house.

The Brother MFC printer comes supplied with two manuals; a user guide and a network guide and has the Paper Port and scanning software on CD. It is easy to install the software from the CD to each computer that will be using network or wireless connections. However, when setting up the wireless functions you must consult the network guide that the end user must read with great care to fully understand all the functions. If your router has a network password with numbers and letters it takes a few minutes to set this up because of the functions of the dial pad that is used to input letters and numbers.

If you just have a laptop and no router, you can set up the printer as an ad hoc device that simply means the wireless printer talks to the Wi-Fi connection built in a laptop making a sort of a closed network. Setting up the ad-hoc network is a bit tricky but works excellently well to print from your laptop directly to the printer wirelessly. I was a bit surprised to find out that when using the photo paper tray you had to remove the paper tray and slide the photo tray forward for use. The Photo tray sits on top of the paper tray and after selecting you have to reinsert the paper tray back into the printer. The standard paper tray hold 100-sheets and not very convenient photo bypass tray for up to 20-sheets of 4"x6" glossy paper.

The print quality of the photo was not quite as good as our HP printer but still very passable as a photo. I would not recommend buying the Brother printer to use as a photo printer but if you needed to print a photograph, it will work quite well. As I soon found out the Brother printer came with demo cartridges, which are not full of ink, and it was not long before I ran out of ink and had to go back to the store and purchase new cartridges. I highly recommend when purchasing this printer to buy a set of cartridges to have them in stock in case you run out of ink. The Brother Inkjet cartridges are priced at: Black $26.76 and colours Cyan, Magenta and Yellow at $11.40 each colour-they also have a 3 colour pack for $30.76 and larger capacity black $34.05

Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the printout of documents, spreadsheets, emails, in black and white or colour using the Brother MFC - J615W inkjet printer. In addition having the cartridges located behind a panel at the right front of the printer allows very easy access to replace a cartridge. Overall the Brother printer is a good buy for the money and I recommend this printer for anyone needing a good low-cost network, wireless printer. Not having, not automatic photo paper feeder is a big problem as you must manually remove the paper tray and slide the photo tray forward to print on photo paper. To return to use standard paper, you have to repeat the process and reset the tray. I rate the Brother MFC - J615W inkjet at a 4.

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