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Don Hughes
by Don Hughes

Computer Gremlins November 27: Logitech mouse gone wild.

On Nov 26, I ran a complete backup of my Laptop using O&O Backup software (currently reviewing the software) to an external USB drive. The backup took several hours to complete and then verify the backup. Once completed I shut down the laptop, and turned off my main PC, which I was using while the backup finished. Then I took the laptop back to the TV room as I had finished computer work for now.

The next day, Nov 27 I turned on my laptop, loaded into windows 10 and the mouse was not working. The mouse “ON” light would appear as when the off/on switch was turn on. Still NO mouse…replace batteries…No mouse????????

I removed the USB Mouse Logitech Unifying Receiver, then plugged it back in, still my fav Wi-Fi mouse would not work…downloaded a new driver from Logitech and rebooted the computer…again NO Wi-Fi mouse. Frustrated I plugged in another spare Logitech USB Wi-Fi mouse and receiver, and in a flash, I now had a working mouse.

As I do like a challenge and technological problems the next day, I set to recheck my steps and pin-point if possible, why the newer mouse stopped working after the laptop backup. Thus, I spent part of November 28 rechecking my steps taken to fix the problem when the Logitech M510 mouse stopped working.

Suddenly a light went off and I realized I had downloaded the mouse driver but did not download and reinstall Logitech Set-point software. Once the software was reinstalled, I launched the Logitech Unifying Software and within a few seconds the Logitech M510 once again was reconnected to my laptop and working. All was right with the computer world or, so I thought.

My wife came in the room to inform me when she turned on our main PC (I was working with the main PC while monitoring the laptop’s backup progress) and the Logitech M310 Wi-Fi mouse was now not working. The main PC has a Logitech Keyboard/Mouse combo and for some unexplained reason the mouse would not work when the Tower was turned back on. However, the mouse problem was exactly the same as on the laptop and lessons learned made repairing the laptop mouse, made the mouse error on the main PC tower an easy fix. I just download a new driver and Set-point software, installed, Launch the Logitech Unifying Software to reconnect the mouse. Then rebooted the computer and the mouse was back in service.

The chances of a PC tower and a Laptop both having the Wi-Fi Logitech mice stop working is extremely rare. Spyware and Anti-virus scans on the computers tested negative, and no Windows 10 updates installed on November 26—must have been the attack of computer gremlins.

Donald Hughes,

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"Love your site...its informative.. and funny, your picture looks really good too."
Annette M., London

"...Enjoyed the news letter. You and Dave are doing a really nice job on it."
Dorothy, Mich.

"When I did some desktop publishing (oh, those were the days I had some time to myself!) I used the Serif products, so was pleased to see this last review....glad to see they are still around and on track ..... thanks!!!"
Marilyn A., Rolla, Missouri.

...we also enjoyed your web magazine (I guess that is what you call it!). It must take a lot of preparation, but it is worthwhile.
Jim & Elfriede R

Don, your site is a nice easy on the eyes with a no BS news page.
Mickey, Windsor, ON

Thought the news letter was very good.
Tom V, Whitby

Hey Don...Just read the Christmas review and it was great info! As I know, from personal experience, thieves are everywhere including the internet! It's nice to get the warnings and I hope people pay attention.
Keep up the great work!
Cyndie, Barrie, ON.

I like the new look of you and Dave's newsletter. Also the information is very helpful.
Dorothy, MI.

Hello Don,
I just saw the new site. It looks great.
All the best,
Colleen T

Thanks for the heads-up, Don. The site looks great and I look forward to frequently visiting it!
Dennis H

COOL Web Site
Annette M

Hi there Don!
Fascinating website! You must have spent days on this!
I liked the little moving red object!
Good luck with your reviews!
Joan G

Hi Don:
Good looking newsletter and I liked your article.
Murray A

Hey, Don, now I see you're a writer as well as a historian and a great computer guy.
FYI, I shop at Tuckey's too and have for years because of exactly what you say. Many thanks.

That was an excellent article. Keep up the good work.
Did you do this all by yourself or was there help from the new (kittens) office staff?
Fred D

Good Morning Don and Dave,
We enjoyed reading your articles in the new Great Canadian Reviews.
"Mom and Pop" service...that is why we have referred our friends and neighbours to you to repair and/or service their computers, because of the personal, friendly service you always give.
Judy and Armin G

Excellent article Don.
I really enjoyed it.
Dave Bates




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