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HTML Editor 2010
Coffee Cup
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Web Page Editing Tool software package
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David Bell
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Good Features:

1. 30 day fully functional free trial
2. Excellent Technical Support
3. Ease of Use
4. Free Updates
5. FTP included
6. 10 professionally designed theme templates incl.

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In 1998 I was using Macromedia's (now Adobe) Editor for authoring web pages. A good software program that filled my needs and worked quite well until I had a computer crash and lost the program. Attempts to reload a back-up copy of the program failed. I contacted Macromedia and explained the problem and that I had installed a new hard drive and would like to download their Editor again to replace the one I had lost. Much to my dismay the reply came back that their Editor was a one time installation and they would not replace other words, $85.00 out the door.

With Coffee Cup this is totally different. All products you purchase from Coffee Cup are registered in their database under your account particulars and should you require to download the product again, you can do so, no charge. The updates to their products are always free and they have an open blog to suggest improvements or get technical help.

CC's Editor 2010 takes about 15 minutes to download and install using DSL. 'Website Projects' is their comprehensive yet easy to use set of tools that gives you complete control over how your website is organized whether or not you are a novice or dyed -in-the-wool hard core website designer. Other excellent features are the 'CSS Menu Designer', 'Code Snippets' file for storing your favorite pieces of code, 'Spell Checker' dictionaries for 11 popular languages, W3C compliant markup validation service for checking your code,'Split Screen' toggle, 'Default Browser Viewer' as well as the option to add up to 10 different browsers in the Editor for compatibility checks. The Editor comes with 10 professionally designed theme templates to choose from and view before application and a comprehensive PDF manual with east to understand explanations of each and every program feature.

I have been using Coffee Cup's Editor for several years and this latest version is an excellent time saving tool that works exceptionally well in supporting the projects I have developed. I have tired several other HTML Editors and found them either too cumbersome, too expensive, or both.

This website and DESIGNS International are just two of many examples that have been developed using Coffee Cup's Editor 2010.

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