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System Mechanic 10
iolo technologies
7470 North Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90041, USA
Tel: 323.257.8888
Fax: 323.257.8885
Product Description:
System Diagnostic and Repair Software
Requirements: XP, VISTA, Win7
Retail Price:
US$39.95 (reg $49.95)
plus free new revisions for 12 months
Reviewer: Dave Bell
Date Reviewed: 04 Jan 2011
Positive Features:

  1. Easy to understand system overview
  2. Quick or Deep analysis options
  3. Comprehensive status guage
  4. Clear explanation of each problem
  5. Straightforward actions to fix all problems or only those you want
  6. 8:00am-5:00pm (PST) tech support
  7. Trial version available
Negative Features:

Reviewers Comments:

Last month I was having some serious problems with my PC running on XP. I've had the computer going on three years now and figured it was about time for something to fail. Games that I was running would suddenly drop me out to the desktop and e-mail was taking forever to download/send and little glitches were appearing everywhere. Being the proverbial 'backyard mechanic' I figured I had all the answers and gave Don (super computer guy) Hughes a call to tell him my graphics card was failing. Don's response was to download a copy of iolo technologies System Mechanic 10 and give it a try first, and since we were going to write a review on it anyway this would be a good test for the program. As I hung up the phone, one thought was going through my mind, "How is a software program ever going to fix this mess?"

The program downloaded and installed quickly and performed it's first scan flawlessly. The report that came back showed me a graphic dial with my PC listed as in poor health. Along with the graphic came a breakdown of all the problems it had detected, and the list was long and comprehensive. The next thought that ran through my head was "Now, what do I do??" Then I noticed a button that said, 'Fix all errors'. Still dubious I pushed the button and off it went to work. I sat there for several minutes watching the screen as it went through it's various processes listing each one as it began. It took about an hour to finish and reboot. I must admit, I was still dubious that System Mechanic had fixed all the problems, but I was in for a very pleasant surprise. All the glitches, and hiccups appeared to be gone and it was as if my CPU had taken a big swig of Geritol. It loaded programs, web sites and my e-mail quickly and flawlessly and I noticed that the internal operating temperature was a full two degrees cooler running because it wasn't working as hard.

The next day I was pleasantly surprised to see System Mechanic back on the job checking for any new problems. Good help like that is hard to find these days (now, if only I could find a car mechanic that was as efficient and didn't have his hand in my pocket). I am convinced that, had I not installed and run System Mechanic 10 when I did, I would have been facing a catastrophic failure and big repair costs down the road. It's been two weeks since I put System Mechanic in my computers back pocket and it's still purring like a new machine. I have since loaded System Mechanic on my other newer Win 7 CPU. Owners of a Win7 OS will notice a System Performance Dial on their desktop that continually monitors the systems performance.

Whether you own a new PC or an older model I highly recommend you visit their site listed below, review the documentation, download a trial copy of System Mechanic 10 and take it for a spin. Unlike many other software products, System Mechanic is multiple use for up to three Personal Computers within the same household.

No self-respecting PC should be without System Mechanic 10!...(as Don says,"You can pay a little now,or pay me a whole lot later!)

Dave Bell

"System Mechanic offers Whole Home Licensing: Gone is the 3 PC limit, now each license is valid on all PCs in your home. As Canadian households increasingly own more than 3 PCs, iolo is the first software company to offer the Whole Home License model." ...Abbas Mehdi, iolo technologies.

"At GCR, we have tested System Mechanic 10 on windows XP Service pack 3, Vista 32 bit service pack 2, and Windows 7 32bit and Windows 64 bit versions. On all Windows Versions iolo System Mechanic 10 has proven to be the true performer and a utility that does what the manufacture claims. Without doubt iolo technologies inc, has a hit with System Mechanic 10 and a utility every computer user should add to their system toolbox. It has been our experience that a utility usually will not perform equally well across the current Windows platforms, expecting a glitch on one or more platforms, much to our amazement System Mechanic 10 preformed flawless on all test PC's and laptops-the only down turn is we do not have a ten rating-- iolo System mechanic is a Solid gold performer. And yes, Dave, a superb software utility can fix PC problems"...Don Hughes.


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