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WhiteSmoke New Version 2011
Version: Executive Writing Version 2011
WhiteSmoke Inc.
501 Silverside Rd, Suite 105 Wilmington,
DE 19809, USA
Product Description:
Version: Executive Writing Version 2011
The complete package includes all writing profiles: General, Business, Creative, Medical, Legal, Hi Tech, Full Dictionary and Full Text Translation. Bonus - 600 prepared templates for any writing style.

OS - Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX ; Browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome; Active Internet Connection

Retail Price:
Price $299.95 USD
Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
27 April 2011

Positive Features:

  1. WhiteSmoke 2011 is 100% improved over 2010.
  2. Ease of use.
  3. On-screen editing.
  4. Writing style and status screen displayed.
  5. Allows the end user to make editing choices.
  6. Works with office 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  7. No known conflicts with antivirus or other programs.
Negative Features:

  1. Lacks English to Dutch translation.

When I first encountered WhiteSmoke 2010 on the Internet, I thought that was a very odd name for an English grammar program. In October 2010, I contacted the press department at WhiteSmoke to request a copy of WhiteSmoke 2010 for a review. Their website included several references all-relating to the high quality of their program, and I thought this would be an excellent program to review for Great Canadian reviews. In anticipation, I was writing a large e-mail letter and I decided to give WhiteSmoke a trial run. Moreover, see what would happen when running the program to check the English grammar punctuation spelling and sentence structure on the e-mail. However, I was totally shocked when WhiteSmoke 2010 literally cut up my e-mail like a crazed weed wacker in a flowerbed. When using WhiteSmoke you simply highlight the text you want to have checked. During my first trial, an error code appeared to tell me I could not highlight more than 3000 characters.

I sent an e-mail and a copy of the messed up text to our WhiteSmoke press contact, and it was then forwarded to their support department. However, I was very impressed with the quick response from the support department and their suggestions. I then sent the test results on the systems to WhiteSmoke support and explained the errors it was causing. I was advised WhiteSmoke would soon release an updated version of the program. To overcome the 3000 character limit, I learned you did not highlight the entire document only the first paragraph. Tech support informing a new version would out soon, however the new version well better designed and less errors but had a few glitches they needed to overcome, and I was not at that point very impressed by WhiteSmoke 2010.

My press contact informed me that in the New Year WhiteSmoke was coming out with version 2011 much better improved product by February 2011. I uninstalled the older versions and with many misgivings and apprehension. Once again crossed my fingers and downloaded the new version to my hard drive. I decided to install it directly to the Windows 7 PC and after the program it installed, I loaded into word 2011 a large three page document, saved two test copies to the hard drive. I highlighted the first paragraph and pressed F2 and waited to see what would happen as the new WhiteSmoke 2011 smoke started checking for errors.

As a program loaded, I noticed a big difference in the look and feel of WhiteSmoke 2011, plus the program seemed load faster, and as it started to check made the necessary corrections I selected. I continued checking the document and when it finally ended, I wondered how much of my original text would be intact. I was literally astounded to see this time WhiteSmoke 2011 did exactly what their information on the website claimed. Amazingly, WhiteSmoke 2011 checked my document made the corrections I selected and did not remove or delete any of the sentences--eureka. It worked beyond my expectations. After WhiteSmoke 2011 finished checking the documents, I then rechecked the documents for admissions or errors and found there was none.

WhiteSmoke 2011 was 100% improved and far exceeded my expectations. Since my initial installs of the WhiteSmoke 2011 program, I have put the software through many tests and trials. During the testing, the program has never failed to work properly nor has it destroyed any e-mails or articles I have tested within the program. In addition, WhiteSmoke has continued to improve the program. I am astounded of how WhiteSmoke Inc revamped their program and created one of the best grammar and style checker's for e-mail, documents, and articles that I have ever had the privilege of using. We have been using the executive writing version, which comes with built-in writer, translator, dictionary, and templates for many different letter styles. The only thing I would like to see WhiteSmoke add to 2011 is a English to Dutch language translation.

During testing, the new WhiteSmoke 2011 is a solid proven performer and a useful asset to anyone who writes articles, papers, business documents, or e-mails, etc. What makes a good software company is when they recognize their mistakes and taking huge steps to correct them for their customers. In addition, a company must have a good support system without it your software is simply a doorstop. I give high marks to WhiteSmoke Company for their efforts and improvements to WhiteSmoke 2011 program. Not only does it do the job very well as a stated and it is helpful to know in the event of a problem you can contact their support department. In testing, we have not found that WhiteSmoke conflicts with any other software and works well within the Microsoft office environments. If you are looking for a good grammar checker and translation tool for your business or home use then look no farther than WhiteSmoke software.

WhiteSmoke Inc. has created a very good tool that will aid anyone in writing, and it is well worth the money. I now rate the new improved WhiteSmoke 2011 program at a solid four out of five.

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