Product Reviewed:
iolo System Mechanic Professional version 10
iolo technologies
7470 North Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90041, USA
Tel: 323.257.8888

Fax: 323.257.8885

Product Description:
Complete System Tune-Up with AntiVrus and AntiSpyware

Windows7, Vista, and XP
Internet connection (for license activation)
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
256 MB of RAM
120 MB of free hard drive space

Retail Price:
Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
23 June 2011
Positive Features:

  1. User Friendly Interface
  2. Whole Home License
  3. Five utilities in one package
  4. System Shield Anti-virus-Spyware built in
  5. A one click fix all button for easy use
  6. Good software support
Negative Features:

  1. Backup Program only for online use.
  2. Lacks a built in firewall

The iolo system mechanic professional 10 is actually five products in one package. System mechanic Pro contains, System Mechanic 10 system, System Shield and Antivirus, Search and Recover, Drive Scrubber and Online Secure Backup. You could call System Mechanic Pro 10 'The Swiss Army knife of PC System Utilities' and the Pro version gives the end-user everything they need, but the kitchen sink, in one unique package.

At GCR, we have previously reviewed separate iolo utilities: System mechanic 10 standard version, iolo System Shield Antivirus and Anti-spyware, and iolo Drive Scrubber. System mechanic Professional offers the end-user a good deal in that for $59.00 to quote iolo's web site "Get System Mechanic Plus 4 more essential iolo products, all in one complete suite at an incredible price! Plus a Whole Home License - use on all your home PCs at no extra cost!" That is correct the end user can install System Mechanic Professional utilities on every PC in their house hold-a heck of a bargain. This is a super deal for families that have four or five computers as this one utility will keep all the computers safe, optimized, tuned up, virus and spy ware free, and add the ability to use 5 GB of free online backup space.

Using the online backup the end-user has 5 GB of backup storage free with no credit card or monthly payment. However, if you need more storage you can buy 30 GB, 60 GB, 100 GB, or 250 GB with prices starting at $5.00 dollars per month to a high of $25 per month. The idea behind online backup has its good and bad points your data is stored in another company's server online, and yes you can access it from anywhere in the world. Being from the old school, I personally feel that your backup data should stay within your house or organization. Keeping data in house does have a couple of drawbacks in the event of fire, theft or mysterious disappearances. However, one cannot argue with 5 GB of free backup space included in system Mechanic Professional.

For this review of System Mechanic Professional 10, I will not delve into the inner workings of the system mechanics or Security Shield Antivirus and Anti-spy ware or Drive Scrubber as you can read our previous reviews on these individual products.

Included in the Swiss Army knife of iolo System Mechanic Professional is their Search and Recover program. The search and recover program allows the user to: recover deleted files, recover deleted pictures and movies, recover deleted songs and sounds, recover deleted e-mails, and perform a total recovery of all files on the hard drive that have been deleted. This iolo utility is extremely handy for those times when one accidentally deletes photograph files and documents. Search and Recover alone is worth the $59 cost and might someday rescue a file accidentally sent to never, never land or lost in cyberspace.

iolo System Mechanic Professional 10 is a complete repair, backup, error scanning and the recovery tools at your fingertips. Every new PC or laptop when sold should be required to include an all-inclusive utility like iolo's System Mechanic Professional. Moreover, the benefit of one package coverage for an entire household is a no brainer bargain. Just pay once and use the utility on all your PCs or laptops you and your family owns within a single household.

In our testing of the complete package system, Mechanic Professional 10 is a solid performer, and we give it a four out of five. I would have liked to see System Mechanic include a backup to work with an external hard drive, and a more secure firewall program to replace the Windows firewall. Nevertheless, iolo System Mechanic Professional is one of the most complete and useful utility packages I have seen in a long time that works equally well with XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and I highly recommend the utility. Anyone who would like to try the package can download a trial version from the iolo website. However, I highly recommend you forget the demo and buy the full System Mechanic Professional package at your local big box retailer or online at iolo's web site.

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