Product Reviewed:
URL Organizer 2.
by Edward Leigh
Product Description:
URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Organizer Utility
Retail Price:
Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
Good Features:

1. Easy setup
2. Notes add-in Feature
3. Fast Search Organizer
4. Retains up to 10M URL's
5. Customizable

Bad Features:

1. No ability to find and delete duplicate entries

Reviewers Comments:

What is URL Organizer 2? Simply put URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Organizer is a utility to help manage and catalogue Internet web sites. The most frustrating aspect of Internet surfing is saving the web site URL to the favorites or bookmarks. Users can make folders, and subfolders, however, surf the internet long enough and a new problem arises to remember in what folder the web URL is stored. Users can fast search URL collections containing up to 10,000 URL entries, and the lists can be shared between system users.

URL Organizer successfully imports or exports lists of favorites /bookmarks between Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera and AOL places data. The URL Organizer program is fully customizable to suit any end user from the choice of colour scheme, display format and window size.

Having surfed the internet for a few years now I found my collection of URL links almost unmanageable, and requiring more and more folders for storage. Granted I am a bit of a URL pack rat, repeatedly saving interesting web sites I might want to revisit someday. I soon found out even with extensive folders and subfolders I needed a way to search and catalogue the information. Who has not been embarrassed when wanting to show friends a newly discovered and informative web site? Only to give up in frustration trying finding it in the abyss that used to be called your favorites list.

URL Organizer is graphic user interface driven and extremely user friendly-you do not need to be a rocket scientist to use URL Organizer. There are three main windows just below the list, Edit, Browser, Application pull down menus and the windows are: Categories, Subcategories and Titles. Below the three windows are the current URL highlighted, and the Find, Open URL, Note and Fetch buttons. In the application pull down menu there are three "Modes" Compact, Regular, and Organize. The "Organize mode" is the main work centre for URL Organizer, here users can add, Sort, Delete and categorize their favorites or book marks.

I was amazed how fast URL Organizer could find web sites I thought were lost in my over growing weed patch that was my favorites list. Just enter a few letters or a keyword in the Find window, and click on the glasses to search your lists. One very unique feature of URL Organizer is you can add more information about a web site using the built in Notes. When a note has been added to a web URL, the program automatically places an asterisk (*) at the end of the title and this is displayed in the "Titles" window.

After downloading and Installing URL Organizer 2, I was shocked when looking at the bottom of the program screen the program listed 3515 URL's I had collected over the years. I knew my favourites list was overgrown with far too many folders and sub folders of URLs; however, never did I imagine the size was three-thousand-five-hundred and fifteen. Time to get busy with URL Organizer to do some favourites house cleaning, categorizing and delete URL's that no longer work. URL Organizer 2, installed and ran on our Windows XP system with no errors, in addition the program is very user friendly. The only options I would like to see in a future version are a plug in to the browser, and an ability to find and delete duplicate URL's. Edward Leigh's URL Organizer 2, is an excellent value packed program and worth three times the web site price. If your favorite or bookmark list is getting out of hand, and finding saved web sites an exercise in frustration, you need URL Organizer 2.

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