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Painkiller Pandemonium
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Product Description:
PC Game Package: Three games in one package: Painkiller, Black Overdose, and Resurrection.

Recommended Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 AMD/Intel CPU 2.6 GHz/Core 3 GB RAM 512MB DX9 Graphics Adapter (GeForce 8800GT or better) 6GB Free Hard disk Space DVD ROM mouse/keyboard and speakers

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Thomas Vickerman
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Positive Features:

  1. Three PC games in one package
  2. Good graphics
  3. Intense game play
  4. Over 70 hours of game play
  5. Over 120 monsters and enemies
  6. Plus 26 different weapons
Negative Features:

  1. Occasional game lock-up requiring a restart
  2. Long load times

In Painkiller Resurrection, you play an assassin who winds up in purgatory after losing his life attempting to save innocents from a car bomb he set in place. Instead of going to Hell, you are stuck in a middle ground populated by lost souls who of metamorphosis into weirdo monsters and ghouls, and you have a simple goal to reach destroying anything that gets in your way.

The Storyline continues nicely, and the game is fully fast-paced and fun to play. The game graphics and sound are impressive and better than expected for a $20 game. In this game pack, there are actually three different protagonists that you lead through the multiple levels and games. This is not a game for young children as it has a mature rating. Any of the old doom players this game would be a treat as the action is intense and very doom like in-flight. However, it is and bit annoying to be in the beta in the middle of a battle scene and have the game lockup and you have to reboot the system. Nevertheless, painkiller Resurrection by dream catcher games is a value for your gaming dollar. Another advantage is you can make your own maps and levels of play using the Painkiller Development Kit included with the games. In addition, if you like a good first-person shooter, Painkiller Resurrection is a game for you and will give you hours of action-packed playing time.

Rated: Mature

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