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PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2011 PC Performance Software

North America
PC Tools, Inc.
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View CA, 94043

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Easy-to-use PC performance software tools to speed up maintain and optimize your PC.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows Vista® SP1+ (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP® SP2+ (32bit) Trial Limitations: The trial time is unlimited and includes limited features. For complete removal of problems and full functionality, a registered version is required.

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$49.99 CAD

Don Hughes
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Positive Features:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Great for first time PC/Laptop novices.
  3. Works as stated.
  4. It cleans out junk and speeds up your computer.
  5. Good buy for the money
Negative Features:

  1. None noted.

PC Tools performance toolkit 2011 is a unique set of utilities all combined in one snazzy program. PC Tools performance toolkit 2011 is a host of easy-to-use tools for speeding up your PC, optimizing performance, protecting your privacy, improves your Windows experience and with advanced technology to boost speed improves stability; monitor the system and tune-up services. In addition, it can accelerate start times, recovers lost data repairs hard drives, and keep your system running like new. Performance toolkit is like having your own PC technician constantly checking your computer for errors and adjusting the operating system.

The performance toolkit from PC Tools has a built-in registry cleaner to safely and easily repair and optimize Windows registry with a few mouse clicks. Missing links and other problems within the registry are a common cause of system crashes and errors. Another problem in Windows registries are invalid entries left over when you remove a program from Windows. When you uninstall Windows programs, file locations and directories become orphaned and these left over bits and bytes of the program are still on your hard drive and in the Windows registry. PC Tools performance toolkit makes removing left behind entries and directories or just plain junk and easy things to do even for a novice.

Cleaning out leftover temporary files, invalid registry entries, deleted program directories will make your hard drive operate faster and increase the speed of antivirus scans on your system. The performance toolkit includes a privacy Guardian feature, which can protect your privacy and online activity by cleaning up temporary files, left over cookie's, web browser history, and can remove data from hidden files and other temporary records. This can also give you more file space on your hard drive. However, if you accidentally delete a file that you need, fear not, as the toolkit has a built-in file recovery utility to help you recover lost or accidentally deleted documents photographs and other data.

PC Tools performance toolkit is loaded with extra programs and utilities such as system optimization that actively monitors system usage CPU memory disk space and all processes. Start-up manager disables any unnecessary programs during Windows start-up loading. Removal of non-essential start-up programs will speed up boot times, and it can compact and rebuild the registry removing any blank spaces also helping to speed up the system. Prior to making any changes to the registry or other systems the PC Tools performance toolkit automatically backs up any repairs made, in the event errors happen, and you need to undo or restore the repair.

You can also optimize your system and the hard drive with the click of a button from the PC performance toolkit's main menu. The main menu contains a system health gauge much like a car's gas gauge, thus you instantly know whether system health is a good, medium, or very low at a glance. Should system health be running low simply click on the green "Start Scan" button and PC Tools performance toolkit will automatically check your system and make the necessary repairs. In addition to one-button cleaning, you can manually select to clean the registry, tune-up your services, clean your disks, defragment the registry, optimize your system, and defragment your disks.

PC Tools performance toolkit 2011 is a big brother of PC Tools Registry mechanic but with a lot more handy and powerful utilities. Priced at $49.99 for use on three PC's is a good bargain for any PC user. During testing on Windows 7, XP Pro, XP home, and on PC towers and laptops, PC Tools performance toolkit 2011 proved to be a very stable and solid program and did not cause any errors on the test systems. If you own a Windows based desktop or laptop, I highly recommend adding PC tool's performance toolkit PC systems. The PC Performance Toolkit can be your personal system tune-up mechanic, network technician, program cleaner, and garbage remover all at the click of a mouse. For more information, product screen shots or to order a Pctools product, clink on the link below and visit the Pctools web site.

Overall Rating: Gold Leaf Award for Excellence.

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