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PC Tools Internet Security 2011

North America
PC Tools, Inc.
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View CA, 94043

Product Description:
Protection Against: Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses, Worms, Key loggers, Identity Theft, Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Anti-Spyware, Unwanted Software, Phishing, Popups, Hackers and Bad Websites. Trial Limitations: The trial version offers time unlimited real-time protection (free threat blocking), but does not remove threats detected during on-demand scans.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP SP2+ (32bit)

Retail Price:
Note: if buying online you can order a backup CD at a cost of $14.99.

Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
06 Oct 11
Positive Features:

  1. Ease of use for beginners
  2. Classic and easy menus
  3. Built in firewall
  4. IntelliGuard block threats
  5. Rootkit Detection
  6. Automatic updates
Negative Features:

  1. Unable to create AOSS rescue CD. CD is now available form Pctools support.

PC Tools Internet security 2011 offers complete protection against online threats, incorporating anti-spyware antivirus, antispam and firewall components and easy to use online security solution for your PC or laptop. PC Tools Internet security has an integrated behavior guard to block new threats and the browser defender protects against web-based attacks such as phishing or malicious software.

PC Tools Internet security 2001 can be purchased as an online download to protect three computers at a cost of $59.99. You can at the same time order a backup CD at a cost of $14.99 including shipping which I highly recommend you do. You can also purchase a box version at most computer stores or the big-box retailers. Then should you ever have to replace or redo your hard drive you have the program on CD disk to reinstall without having to download. PC Tools Internet security allows the program to be installed on up to three computers in your home or home office PC systems.

If you decide to buy online and download PC Tools Internet security 2011 from their website, be sure to remove any existing antivirus program, you may be running before installing PC Tools Internet security. In addition, when installing the new antivirus program from a download or even from CD a box purchase version, make doubly sure you are not reading e-mail or on facebook or a web page. Moreover, close down any other program you might be running at the time such as word processing or game-playing. The install is very straightforward and easy to do you just follow the on-screen prompts and once PC Tools Internet security is installed and updated, I recommend running both a quick and full scan of your systems. You can even set PC Tools Internet security to run a quick scan when you start your computer if you so desire.

A nice feature of PC Tools Internet security is well-designed user menus and at a glance, the end-user knows exactly what features are turned on or off as they have a green checkmark and if full protection is on it is also on a green status bar. The user interface menu, although simplistic and design is very classy and easy for even a novice user to navigate the menus. On the main screen, the user can see if the subscription is active the date of the last update, the data last scan, etc.

During our testing, the odd Trojan did manage to slip past the firewall but was caught and prevented from running by PC Tools antivirus program. A simple miss type in the word Google brought up a nasty site complete with a voiceover telling me I had one a brand-new iPad which of course was not the case. The window that popped up and opened from a bad site could not be shut down by clicking on the X. Nevertheless, I quickly brought up task manager and shut the offending window down.

Next, I ran a quick scan and caught a Trojan sitting on the hard drive, and it was quarantined by PC Tools. I then deleted the file from quarantine and rebooted the computer. Next I double-checked Pc Tools menu to make sure all functions in PC Tools Internet security were green and good to go and ran a deep scan on the computer system which took a few hours. The good news was no other trace of the Trojan was found by PC Tools even though the way even though the offending window popped up our voice ad started talking PC Tools prevented the Trojan from executing.

In our line of work as computer consultants, it is not uncommon to be running an Internet search for a particular subject or information on a programs or hardware and run into a questionable website. Sometimes a websites are hacked and the owner of the site is totally unaware, and unfortunately, you get these annoying pop-up windows and in some cases a little Trojan surprise. I have yet to find any Internet security tool that is 100% effective 100% of the time. Nevertheless, which you want is a tool that will prevent unwanted pests on your system from executing and running a mock and causing damage, loss data order severe case hard drive failures or other such nonsense.

During our testing PC Tools Internet security. 2011 with built-in firewall has proven more than once to offer an effective and secure way to surf the Internet while protecting our PCs and laptop. I really like the new protection report card built into PC Tools, which shows you for the last 30 days of the program is protected your computer. The only problem I have had with PC Tools was attempting to build a rescue CD as it failed into attempts on two different machines to make the rescue CD. The rescue CD would be handy in the event of a virus attack on your PC, but it is not necessary to build the disk. PC Tools support can provide you with a link to download the ISO file that you burn into the rescue CD if you so desire.

In spite of the little problem such as not creating the rescue CD, PC Tools Internet, security 2011 is a solid proven and tested performer that I recommend to clients. PC Tools antivirus has always been an excellent and secure program to protect end-users PCs. The new PC Tools Internet security 2011 with built-in firewall is actually about as good as it gets for protection, and I highly recommend this program. PC Tools Internet security 2011 is a solid security program. If you need a user-friendly and highly effective antivirus, anti-spyware with the built-in firewall program, then look no farther than PC Tools Internet security 2011 to protect your home office or home PC or laptop. PC Tools Internet security 2011 at a cost of $59.99 is worth every single penny and a great security tool. A tip of the hat and well-done PC Tools.

Rating: Gold Leaf Award for Excellence

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