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Registry First Aid 8.x Platinum Version

Rose City Software LLC
3 Monroe Pkwy, Suite P-447
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Product Description:
Registry repair at its finest! Registry First Aid is the people's choice when it comes to registry repair. If you are having problems with the Microsoft Windows Registry or want to insure that you keep it fine-tuned and error free, Registry First Aid 8.x is the answer.

Registry First Aid 8.x is a big step forward and is faster, safer and more effective, yet more intuitive for users, than any previous release.

Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista and the new Windows 7 (64-bit and 32-bit Windows)

Retail Price:
Standard: single US$27.95, Family five pack: US$55.90
Platinum: single US$47.95, or Five pack: US$95.90
Special order: IT Consultant Version CD or USB Thumb Drive: US$200.00

Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
01 Oct 2012
Positive Features:

    1. Ease of use.
    2. Ideal for novices or advanced IT users.
    3. Works with laptops and PCs.
    4. Powerful search option.
    5. Edit and clean the registry file with ease.
    6. Makes a backup before editing.
Negative Features:

  1. Nil

Registry First Aid version 8 platinum is a complex yet very simple and safe to use registry editor for the novice or the computer consultant/expert. Rose city software has done an excellent job producing Registry First Aid, and it works exactly as stated. Over the years, I have used various registry editors with caution as some could produce a complete crash of your system. With Windows NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7 I had given up on using any registry editor except for the Microsoft editor built into Windows.

However, one day when surfing the Internet, I discovered Rose city software and their program Registry First Aid. I downloaded their free edition and after trying and seeing how good the program worked, I purchased a full copy. I was extremely impressed with the manner in which Registry First Aid works and how it makes it easy for anyone to edit the registry. Installation of Registry First Aid is straightforward as you purchase the product online and simply download the program file and execute the download. The install creates a desktop icon, and you click on the icon to open and run the program. Once opened the main menu appears, and you can select from several menu items, and these include: Check the Registry for errors, Search the Registry, Manage the Registry, Compress the Registry, Registry Snapshots, Create full Registry backup, Restore Registry backup files, and Restore Registry from a full backup.


After running Registry First Aid, the program displays the end user color-coded warning symbols: Green safe to remove, Yellow proceed with caution and Red use with extreme caution. Just like driving your car, speeding through a yellow or red caution in Registry First Aid can lead to disaster when editing the registry. Nevertheless, because Registry First Aid makes a backup, you can restore the registry and return your computer to full operation. Whenever you edit the registry, you must take precautions not to cause a major system crash. Registry First Aid makes it very easy for the new or novice user to edit the registry, clean out redundant lines of code, and make your computer run faster and better. The power of Registry First Aid is its ability to search the registry for a deleted program or program that is causing errors. More than once using registry search, I have been able to correct an installation of a program or uninstall of a program, thereby eliminating conflicting errors within the program.

Whether you are a novice to computers or a seasoned professional who needs a powerful registry repair tool, Registry First Aid is necessary for your utility toolkit. The User interface of Registry First Aid is well designed and laid out and makes running the program a very easy task. Once RFA has finished scanning your computer, you will then get a report on the number of errors found and the recommended type of corrections in green, yellow, or red. Just like a traffic stop like this makes it easy to decide on the action taken to correct the errors. Rose city software Registry First Aid is one of the best programs I have ever encountered, and it simply works as stated by the manufacturer. Rose city software has created a special, I T consultants version on CD or USB thumb drive for anyone in the computer repair and maintenance fields. Registry first aid is definitely a necessary add-on to your toolkit and well worth the money.

GCR Overall Rating (out of 5):

Awarded GCR's Top Award
Gold Leaf Award for Excellence

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