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PowerDesk Pro 9

Avanquest Software
Online Web site and Store
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Product Description:
The Ultimate File Management Software for Windows
Advanced File Finder
Multi-Pane File Viewer
NEW! Temp & Junk File Remover
NEW! Browser & Surfing Activity Cleaner
NEW! Duplicate File Remover
NEW! Large Files Identifier
NEW! Windows 8 Compatibility

Windows® XP, Vista®, 7 or 8, Internet connection & Internet browser

Retail Price:
$39.95 (per computer)
Don Hughes
Date Reviewed:
01 Aug 2013
Positive Features:

  1. Power Desk pro works as stated on the Avanquest web site.
  2. User Friendly
  3. Dual pane operation – makes it very easy to drag and drop files between folders/drives or backup drive.
  4. Built in FTP
  5. Archive manger compress and expand files from over 30 popular compression formats.
  6. Far exceeds the capabilities of Windows explorer utility.
Negative Features:

  1. License is for one computer must purchase another copy for each PC...Personally I would like to see a 3-user copy available.

In early days of computers, there were several utilities available to manage files, edit code etc. The multifunction utilities such as the original PC Tools, X tree and X tree gold, Norton commander to name a few enabled the end user to manage move copy and delete files. As our versions of Windows from 2.0 3.11, 95, 98, ME, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 evolved Windows file manager became Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer comes with every version of Windows and is a free utility for file management. Nevertheless, Windows Explorer is not the powerful utility it once was and is severely lacking in file management capabilities. Having grown up with X tree and PC Tools utilities I long for a new and powerful file management program. I'm happy to say Avanquest Software’s PowerDesk Pro 9 is bar none the best file management utility I have seen in years. Power desk pro is a multifaceted program with more functions bells and whistles then we can talk about in a single review.

One of the best features I like about Power desk pro and continually use it is the program's ability to use dual or split screens. Simply put if you have a single partition or multiple partitions or multiple hard drives for that matter you can have hard drive C in screen one and drive D, or E in the screen two. This is extremely handy feature when you're backing up documents, photographs, music files etc. To a second partition or external drive. Instantly you can compare what has been moved from window 1 to window 2 in the dual-mode. At a glance, you can tell if all the files you wanted to backup have been backed up and easily move the programs or data when needed.

Power desk pro 9, with built-in FTP, archive it open archive capabilities plus the new “Disk Space Saver” feature which gives a graphical representation of file size and how much space is being taken up on your drive. There is no doubt in my mind that Powerdesk pro even with its license limitation to one computer is good value if you are the type of person who wants to be a will to handle and manage your computer is better. I really would like to see Avanquest Software offer a three-user license version of the program. Unfortunately there is no trial version of PowerDesk Pro available on their website to try before you buy. If you move files or examine your hard drive using Windows Explorer, do yourself a real favor and drop over to the Avanquest website below and buy a copy of PowerDesk pro 9.

I have use many versions of file managers over the years and was sad to see many of these utilities go the way of the dinosaurs, however, PowerDesk Pro 9 is one of the best and most comprehensive and useful file managers I have seen to date and well worth the money.

I give PowerDesk pro 9, a five out of five.

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