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Amicron Computing PO Box 1308Amherst NY 14226 FAX: 716-833-6724
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Software Learning Packages
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$US 5.99
Don Hughes
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Good Features:

1. Excellent price
2. Step by step video instruction
3. Easy download

Bad Features:

1. Video player rides behind working page

Reviewers Comments:

599CD is available online by downloading or order a CD-ROM disk.

Computer software training for $5.99 US? My first thought after locating training during a search on the Internet was this must be hoax as no one sells courses that cheap. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check out the seeming training bargain, and contacted the company. 599CD has bit size courses on Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Front Page, PowerPoint, Outlook, Quick-Books, Quick Books, Visual Basic, Photoshop, Internet etc. Simply choose your training program from their extensive list, order line, and 599CD sends back an email with downloading instructions. From the extensive online software-training list, I chose Microsoft Front Page 101. Once the verification email arrived, a simple clink on the link started the download to my computer. The File size was nearly ten meg-a-bytes, so users with slow speed connections might want to order the training program on CD.

After download to the hard drive, a simple mouse click starts the installation to your computer's hard drive, and the program installed without any errors. Lacking in the installation was the ability for a user to select another drive or drive partition. For most of users, this is not a problem as they only have one drive or partition on their computer. Another problem I soon encountered when starting the lesson and Microsoft's Front page, was the supplied player stayed behind, and not on top. This I found this to be annoying, as I had to minimize the Front Page window to see the tutorial, but I did find on the viewer a place to check which then allowed usage of an external Windows viewer built into every Windows version. The company spokesperson assured me they are aware of the problem and a new software viewer is in the works for future releases.

Nevertheless, the solution using Windows XP player worked and I could easy flip back and forth from training to practicing with Front Page. Completing the lessons one through eleven can be accomplished in fewer then two hours. Any user will pick up some knowledge using this method of training. Moreover, users will learn to make a web page and how to upload the web page to the Internet.

The instructor Richard Rost takes the user by the hand and leads them every step of the way, from introduction, creating a web page, adding graphics, tips and tricks, and publishing a completed web site to the Internet. The 599Cd will not turn a user into a webmaster overnight, nor will it make you a Front Page web-building guru. If you hate to read books, and want a quick low-cost solution to learning some of those computer programs collecting dust on the bookshelf, check out and try a sample lesson.

Only one question remains and the question is: Are the training programs worth $5.99? After testing and completing their Front Page 101 course, my personal opinion is the answer is NO--599CD.Com's training is worth at least four to five times the price. 599CD training is the best bargain I have seen on the Internet, and the current web site offers purchasers not one, but two training courses for just $5.99. The end user can study at his or her own pace in the comfort of their home or office. In addition, a user can review the course material anytime without paying an extra penny. These days $5.99 will hardly purchases a Hamburg and a soda, but it will buy you good, informative learning.

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