Product Reviewed:
Diji Album v4.1
Xequte Software
PO Box 11301
Manners Street
Wellington, New Zealand
Product Description:
Electronic Photo Album Software
for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Retail Price:
$US 33.50
Don Hughes
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Good Features:

1. Free updates within 6 months of purchase
2. Feature intensive
3. Excellent price for the value

Bad Features:


Reviewers Comments:

Finally, Electronic Photo Albums that are styled like real photo albums and are just as much fun, and almost as easy to create! Diji Album includes wizards to allow you to rapidly build albums from your digital images, sound, video, HTML, text and other files.

Sometimes a search of the Internet reveals hidden software gems, which one cannot find on any store shelf. A New Zealand company Xequte software is one of those rare finds. During one of my software safaris into the deep abyss I came across a program called DiJi Album, a program for making electronic photograph albums.

Once created, the album can be emailed to family, friends, published to the Internet or made into a self-booting photo album on a CDR disk. The first impression I had when reading the companies web site was to wonder how they could pack so many features into a program for at such a low cost. During testing of Diji, one fact became known, and that is the software is much underrated as to the raw power of the program. Xequte software deserves a medal for designing an easy to use program that is jammed packed with so many features--download and try this software. The program is very easy to learn, menus are user friendly, and comes the program has extensive built in help-Complete with a printable keyboard shortcuts in the help file. The program is designed to handle single or multiple albums using a handy bookshelf.

Users can now add the special events, holidays, weddings, birthdays and vacations on a single CDR disk. Using Diji Album software small business can produce catalogs of their products for future clients. Homeowners can produce a room-by-room photograph inventory of their home, on a CDR disk, and store it in a safety deposit box, in case of fire, theft, or natural disaster. Collectors can use Diji's capabilities to store photos and text documentation on CD's. Genealogists can use the Album to catalog old family photographs and scans of rare documents. I have been putting the software through testing for several months, and have not had any errors or glitches from the Diji program. Recent advancements in digital photography and lower cost cameras soon created a problem of how to share photographs with family and friends. The answer for mass photographic storage and backup is CDRW drives using low cost CDR disks.

Using the CDRW drive any digital camera buff now can copy photographs to the CDR disk for sharing with family and friend's family. However, many computer users lacked the knowledge on how to copy and view photographs once on a CDR disk. What was needed was an easier way for any person with a computer to view and print photographs from a CD disk. Diji Album creation software, used in conjunction with a CD burner & burner software creates self-booting CDs. No longer does a recipient of a photo CD have to copy, or install a special program to view files on a CD. The user simply inserts the CD into his or her CD drive and closes the door. Within seconds, Diji Album viewer appears and the user can easily flip and view the photographs or print. The Diji viewer also has built in an easy to use slide show. Diji Electronic photo albums are effortless to create, using the built in help and numerous creative wizards. After downloading and installing Diji Album software, any user can create handy and easy to view photographs Albums on CD to share with family and friends with the click of a mouse. Add music, title and date photographs, or write a family history with ease, using Diji album maker.

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Xequte's program is so easy to use and problem free, my only concern about the Diji Album editor is the price of the program. With the bells, whistles and so many extras built into Xequte software's Diji Electronic Album, the software should be triple the price.

Furthermore, if you purchased any of Xequte's programs, and a new version/update is released with six months-your update is free. Xequte may be a small company; however, I give them high marks for program value, quality and customer support.

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